East Coast Transplant on the West Coast

From her earlier life in the shores of Providence and then her decades of unlife spent in the craggy landscape of The Granite State, our ingenue, Charlotte Winchester, arrives to try her luck in Los Angeles, California, as many have done in the past.

Los Angeles is the perpetual character in our World of Darkness chronicles and feeds our desire to explore the ambiguities thriving and surviving amidst the long shadows cast by the seemingly perpetual sun and superficial lights of the city for which this particular location is known.

In this chronicle, we get to experience what Los Angeles looked like in 1967, before we first encountered it in our two previous chronicles/sagas: Neon Masquerade and The Demon’s Mirror. There are familiar faces anxiously awaiting to have their stories told and new faces ready for their close-ups.


Thirteen Candles

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